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Unit#Sub-UnitCredit Value
Professional Engineering Management1 Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Engineering Fields20
2Personnel Management knowledge and skills.
3Leadership and Management Practice
4Management and Organization Practice
5Business Communication Practice
6Supply Chain Practice
Manufacturing Information System1Critical Thinking and Problem Solving20
2Communication in the Global Workplace
3IT in Business Processes
4IT Project Management
5Management Information Systems
6Manufacturing Information System
Manufacturing and Production Process1Engineering Process and Quality Management in Manufacturing20
2Occupational Safety and Health Management
3Total Preventive Maintenance Management
4Lean Management
5Types of Production Process
6Entrepreneurship and Supervisory Roles
Operations Management1Introduction to Operations Management20
2Operations Management and Decision Making
3Introduction to Logistics Management
4Quality Control and Quality Assurance
5Customer Service Management
6Service Industry
Facilities and Environment Engineering1Facility Management20
2Maintenance Management
3Workplace Health & Risk Management
4Property Management
5Understand the Environment Management
6Environmental Challenge
Analytical Methods for Engineers1Analyse and model engineering situations and solve problems using algebraic methods20
2Analyse and model engineering situations and solve problems using trigonometric methods
3Analyse and model engineering situations and solve problems using calculus
4Analyse and model engineering situations and solve problems using statistics and probability

Entry requirements

This is a stand-alone qualification, but there are entry requirements. Applicants must have obtained one of the followings:

LMQ Level 3 Foundation Diploma or GCE Advanced Level qualification with 3 passes. Any qualification which is at Level 3 or above, as notified on the NQF or QCF of the United Kingdom or SCQF Level 5 and 6 in Engineering  or relevant national qualifications awards at SCQF or any overseas qualifications, as judged by UK NARIC, to be equivalent in standard to a level 3 qualification in the UK (or higher).

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