CQHE Level 3 Diploma in Business Management


The aim is to provide high-quality learning opportunities through a flexible qualification at level 3 that prepare learners for employability and/or progression to more in depth study at this level or to higher level study.

The objective is to introduce theoretical concepts relating to business management studies which can be examined externally and which focus on the breadth and depth of managing modern business environments.


Qualification Title 

Diploma in Business Management 



Credit Equivalency 

60 Credit 

Qualification Number 







  • Manage Personal and Professional Development 20 Credit

  • Manage Team Performance 20 Credit

  • Principles of Leadership and Management 20 Credit

Optional Units :

  •  Business Accounting 20 Credit

  • Internet Marketing in Business 20 Credit

  • Human Resource Management in Business 20 Credit

  • Managing Business Information 20 Credit

  •  The Impact of ICT on Business 20 Credit

  • Relationship Marketing 20 Credit

  • Creative Product Promotion  20 Credit

  •  Developing Teams in Business 20 Credit

  • Principles of Project Management 15 Credit

  • Procure Supplies 15 Credit


Entry requirements

The qualification does this by developing management understanding and assisting participants in gaining the knowledge required at this level. Students do not have to be currently employed to study this qualification, but may be engaged in voluntary activity or planning for work.

There are no formal entry requirements, but participants will have a background that will enable them to benefit from the program – which is likely to be level 2 Key skills literacy and numeracy or their equivalent.



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